Bloody Walk Adventure 2020 – EN

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Bloody Walk DT 2020
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Bloody Walk HD (Hard difficulty) IX 2020


International team competition – Bloody Walk



Place and accommodation:

Autocamp Slunečná, Čistá v Krkonoších, 543 44 Černý Důl

Camp fee will be announced in advance, however all the reservations and payments are done thru the camp owners directly.



Dogtrekking men up to 40 yrs DTM 1
(max. 140km), time limit is 62 hours including mandatory

Dogtrekking men above 40 yrs DTM 2
(max. 140km), time limit is 62 hours including mandatory

Dogtrekking women up to 35 yrs DTW 1
(max. 140km), time limit is 62 hours including mandatory

Dogtrekking women above 35 yrs DTW 2
(max. 140km), time limit is 62 hours including mandatory

Dogmaraton men (max. 50km), time limit 24 hours

Dogmaraton women (max. 50km), time limit 24 hours

Short Hot Dog (max. 25km), without time limit. Race route will be closed on Sunday

Categories will be open only if there are more than 3 competitors in each.

Participation in dogtrekking category (DT) is restricted for contestants of 18+ years. Maximum amount of competitors is 150, out of which 100 is reserved for the dogtrekking category. There are 3 wild cards which will be given by the organizer, preferably for the team competition. Organizer also holds the reservation for three competitors of each European state.

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Dogtrekking (DT)– Thu 28.May at 17:00

Dogmaraton (DM)– Sat 30.May from 07:00 to 09:00 (alternatively Friday from 17:00-20:00)

Short Hot Dog (SHD)– Sat 30.May from 07:00 to 10:00 (alternatively Friday from 17:00-20:00)


Start time:

DT – start of 1st lap – Friday 00:00- 02:00

DM – Saturday, 07:00 – 9:00

SHD – Saturday, 07:00 – 10:00


Participation fee:

DT – 550,-CZK

DM – 350,-CZK

SHD – 200,-CZK (children up to 13 years 50,-CZK)

Team competition – 100,-CZK (Latest until 28.5. at 23:00)


Payment of the participation fee:

Payment of the fee by participants from abroad will be made in cash during their presentation, before the start of the race.
The defending champion of the CSW DT European Championship will have free entry to the event in category DT or DM!!


Race route and course of the race:

​2-lap race with distance up to 140km
BW-HD includes 5 inserted speed tests (RZ) and 2 mountain bonuses (HP). These special part-competitions are obligatory for the award of the „Most active tracker“ (RZ) and „King of the Hills“ (HP)

START Bloody Walk DT – Friday 00:00-02:00

1st LAP

RZ (speed test) No.1 (0-3 km) „PROLOGue“– Start of the event is also start of the first special. After the signal, dog shoes must be put on the dog (at least 2 shoes) and first 100 meters of the race track must be completed with dog shoes on.

HP (mountain bonus) No.1 (3-9 km) Star rangers“ time measured section.

RZ (speed test) No.2„At the Cocks backyard after approx. 60 km of 1st lap you will come to the 24/7 refreshment station. After the refreshment or bivouac you will start to the 3 km long speed test – next special.

RZ (speed test) No.3 „Intermezzo“ (78-80 km) – 2 km long speed test.

Finish of 1st LAP = 80 km (minimal length for Czech DT Championship participation)
Mandatory 3 hours rest (for dogs regeneration), before the start to the second lap. After these 3 hours, time will start counting again regardless of the whether the contestants leaves or not at that point.


2nd LAP : (80-135 km) Start of the second lap is also start of the second mountain bonus.

HP (mountain bonus) No.2
(0-10 km) –„Ecstasy“.

At 110 km it is possible to end the race without being disqualified and with better final position than if you end at 80 km.

RZ No.4 (at – distance 4 km)„ …and new warriors will rise“

RZ No.5 „EPILOGue“ (at 140 km for 1 km) last meters without bag (weightless)!!

FINNISH of BW-HD aprox. 135–140 km, 4400 elevation meters

The distance of the race route is tentative so far and final length will be announced after the race track approval by authorities. 
Overall result and position is based in the first place on distance walked and on second place on the total time.

Race track in DM category is from 90% similar to the second lap of DT.
SHD has its own race track.

Bonus score (only for DT category)

Most active tracker – RZ
First 20 competitors are classified. Best time gets 20 points, second 19 points, third 18 points, etc.
Winner is the one who have highest point-count and will receive orange shirt for the most active tracker. This category is split between men and women, no age split will be done. In case of same points, better time at „epilogue“ will decide.

King of the Mountains – mountain bonus – HP
Same classification as in RZ.
Winner is the one who have highest summary of points and will receive green shirt for the King of the Mountains. There is no age-category but Men and Women. If points will equal with another competitor, time summary for both stages will decide.


What is International team competition Bloody Walk ?
Its an prestigious squad team race.

A Squad is a formation of 3 teams (Dog+Human=team). You can form a squad by connecting with any other team from any category. Every squad has to have at least one „human“ woman amongst them 🙂

Every squad chooses the name of their formation and receives points by participating in categories. Only teams, who finish their category, get their points to count towards the squad total.

finishing in DT – 5 points per team
finishing in DM – 3 points per team
finishing in SHD – 1 point per team
in DT for every placement from 1st to 15th place, like with DT score rules.
1st place=15 points………15th place=1 point
in DM for every placement from 1st to 10th place. 1st place=10 points……..10th place=1 point
in SHORT for every placement up to 5th. 1st place=5 points……..5th place=1 point
Finishing below the placement limit gives 1 point.


Squad Czech Republic IV
3x applied in DT = 15 points
1 team at 1st place = 15 points
1 team at 5th place = 11 points
1 team at 15th place = 1 point
Summary….………… 42 points

Squad Czech Republic II
1x applied in DT = 5 points
1x applied in DM = 3 points
1x applied in SHD = 1 point
team in DT 14th place = 2 points
team in DM 10th place = 1 point
team in SHD 18th place = 1 point
Summary…………….13 points


Mandatory equipment (needs to be in your backpack at all times):

For Dogtrekking
Itinerary + registration card + MAP (from organizer), med-kit aka first-aid (1x prepared bandage, 1x elastic bandage, 5x plasters, 1x isothermal foil), sleepeng bag, 1 pair of dog shoes for every dog, food for dog and human, 1 liter of water, bowl for dog, head-light (flashlight), charged phone. Mandatory equipment will be checked.

For Dogmarathon
Itinerary + registration card + MAP (from organizer), 1 liter of water, isothermal foil, head-light (flashlight), charged phone. Mandatory equipment will be checked.

For Short Hot Dog
Itinerary + registration card + MAP (from organizer), 1 liter of water, charged phone.

Recommended: for DT and DM maps KČT 22 Krkonoše, KČT 23 Podkrkonoší (could be found in turistic information centers) or application „Seznam Mapy“


Check points: 

Orienteering pliers, checks by organizer, or electronic check.

Complementary rules:

Maximum of 2 teams together on track (no grouping).
Dogs must be on the leash all times during the race. Breaking this rule will lead to immediate disqualification.


7:00 31.5.2020 latest

Most of the race routes lead through Krkonošský national park, for that reason it is mandatory to follow the rules of the park! Here

Veterinary conditions:

Dogs must be healthy and have a valid compulsory vaccination written on the card or passport, older than three days. Veterinary check will be at the start of the race.

Race characteristics:

Dogtrekking is an extreme endurance sport, where teams must complete given routs in the announced time limit. This year our event is also a part of the 2nd European championship of Czechoslovakian wolfdogs in Dogtrekking (Dogmarathon).
However, this competition is open for every other breed (known or unknown).

Competitors, who apply to participate, acknowledge, that they participate at their own risk.

Whole event (race) is organized in accordance with the competition rules of dogtrekking. Detailed competition rules will be at the event or could be seen here: