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Dogtrekking race propositions: BLOODY WALK adventure VII. or

International Competition of dogtrekking teams


  • Date

22.- 24. 06. 2018


  • Where and accomodation

Autocamp Slunečná, Čistá v Krkonoších, 543 44 Černý Důl

The price of the accommodation will be announced later, the practicalities will be organized by the owner of the camp.


  • Categories

Dogtrekking Men up to 40 years of age DTM 1 (max 100 km), time limit 50 hours

Dogtrekking Men over 40 years of age DTM 2 (max 100 km), time limit 50 hours

Dogtrekking Women up to 35 years of age DTW 1 (max 100 km), time limit 50 hours

Dogtrekking Women overs 35 years of age DTW 2 (max 100 km), time limit 50 hours

Dogmarathon Men (max 50 km), time limit 24 hours

Dogmarathon Women (max 50 km), time limit 24 hours

Short Hot Dog (max 25 km), no time limit, but the track closes on Sunday


The categories will be opened with at least 3 competitors participating. The DT category is only opened for participants older than 18 years of age. The maximum number of participants altogether is 150 out of which 100 positions is reserved for LONG! Coordinators can make a decision of awarding 3 ‘wild cards’ (prioritising group competitors).



  • Payment of the competition fee

The number of participants is restricted so we kindly ask you to make your payment . The account number is 2501157347/2010 and the deadline is 5 days after completing the application form. Delays may cause assigning your place to another participant. As a variable symbol please use the phone number you used when filling out your application form.


  • Presentation

Dogtrekking (DT) – Friday 22nd of June from 07:00

Dogmarathon (DM) – Saturday 23rd of June from 07:00 to 09:00

Short – Saturday 23rd of June from 07:00 to 10:00


  • Starting times

DT – Friday 10:00 – 12:00

DM – Saturday 07:00 – 09:00

Short – Saturday 07:00 – 10:00


  • Starting fees

DT – 300 CZK, after 1st of June – 350 CZK

DM – 200 CZK, after 1st of June – 250 CZK

Short – 100 CZK, after 1st of June – 150 CZK


  • Compulsory equipment

Itinerary + registration card (provided by the organiser), a map, first aid kit (pressure and elastic bandage, 5 plasters, 1 isothermic foil), boots for every dog, 1 litre of drinking water, a dog bowl, sleeping equipment (a mat and a sleeping bag) and a torch.

Compulsory equipment will be checked.

Recommended maps for DT and DM: KČT 22 Krkonoše and KČT 23 Podkrkonoší.


  • Checkpoints

Checked by orienteering pliers and by coordinators.


  • Other requirements

Participants can create pairs, bigger groups are not allowed. The dogs need to be connected with their owners by a lead or canicross rope at all times. Violation of this rule results in immediate disqualification.


  • Protests

Latest date – 07:00 on the 24th of June 2018.


  • Track and race

There are 3 speed runs (SR) and one mountaineering bonus (MB) within the race.

SR n. 1 – Start of the whole race is also the first speed run and covers first 3 km. The owner boots the dog and the dog needs to cover first 100 metres in the boots.

SR n. 2 –  After the first aprox. 55 km there is a refreshment station available during the whole race. After a refreshment or sleep stop the participants start the second 3 km long run.

SR n. 3 – Also called EPILOG. When you think you have finished the whole race, you will take off your rucksack and take part in the last 3 km run.

First 20 contestants are awarded points – the winner gets 20 points, the second one 19 points and so on.

The winner receives an orange leotard for the Most Proactive Dogtrekker of BW (for both Men and Women category). The fastest competitor on the 3 to 5 km long mountain bonus will receive a leotard fo the Best Mountaineer of BW (joint for Men and Women).


What is International cup Bloody Walk?

It is a new kind of race for all lovers of being dragged around by their dog. It is a prestigious race with an ambition to become international. You can join this race in any category.

A team has 3 race patrols. Every team competes under a chosen name and they receive point for participating in different categories. To receive the points all participants must finish the race.


Application and finishing DT – 5 points for each patrol

Application and finishing DM – 3 points for each patrol

Application and finishing Short – 1 point for each patrol

In DT for every position up to 15th place – the same rules as in DT apply. That means 1st place = 15 points, 2nd place = 14 points and so on.

In DM for every position up to 10th place the rules are – 1st place = 10 points, 2nd place = 9 points etc.

In SHORT for every position up to 5th place the rules are – 1st place = 5 points, 2nd place = 4 points etc.

Every contestant receives 1 point for finishing the race.



Team Czech Republic IV – 3 participants applied for DT = 15 points

one 1st place = 15 points

one 5th place = 11 points

one 15th place = 1 point

Equals 42 points for the team

Team Chucheláci I – 1 participant applied for DT = 5 points

1 participant applied for DM = 3 points

1 participant applied for SHORT = 1 point

DT 14th place = 2 points

DT 10th place = 1 point

SHORT 18th place = 0 points

Equals 12 points for the team

In case of more teams having the same amount of points the position of the team is decided by the time of the contestant in the most difficult category.

Most of the track lies within Krkonoše National Park so it is necessary to follow the visitors regulations!!


  • Veterinary conditions

The dogs must be healthy and must have valid vaccination in their certificate. It will be checked on the day of the race.


  • Characteristics of the race

It is an extreme endurance race where the dog and his owner undertake a given track in a given time limit. In categories DT and DM the race is opened as an Opened dogtrekking championship of the Czech Republic for Czech national breeds. However, the race is opened for all breeds. In DT the best 3-member team will be announced based on the previously stated scoring system.

This relatively new sport is meant to present our czech national breeds outside the exhibition circle.

The dog is connected with the owner at all times during the race and the contestant can rely only on himself and takes part at his own risk.

The race is in agreement with dogtrekking rules  – full phrasing of the competition will be available to read through on the starting point and at dogtrekking.info.

  • Contact for the organizers


Application on the website since 26/02/2018.